What Happened and What’s Going On (and Baked Apples)


February 4, 2015 by Lauren Grider


I’ve taken a long hiatus from blogging. Now I’m back.

You may remember my post about Hashimoto’s Disease (autoimmune thyroiditis). I was well controlled on thyroid supplementation for 2 years or so. Suddenly, however, I developed a rare problem called Hashimoto’s Thyrotoxiosis, causing my thyroid hormone levels to skyrocket. My levels remained extremely high despite stopping my thyroid supplementation for a month, so I was started on methimazole, an anti-thyroid drug. After a few dose increases, my thyroid results are now only slightly elevated. My symptoms have mostly abated, except that exercise causes my heart rate to jump quickly to an unsafe level. Therefore, I’ve been absent from Crossfit and Zumba classes for almost 2 months now. This has been extremely difficult for me, because exercise is a major outlet for my stress. Officially, there is no definite word on when I’ll be back to “normal,” just that my thyroid will either die slowly from overexertion or we’ll have to surgically remove it or radiate it. I’ll know more in 6 months or so. The only thing I can do is wait.

Truthfully, this is very stressful, and I am having a really hard time conforming to my good health habits with everything else in upheaval. I appreciate a very structured life, and I hate not having a plan. I am slowly working back into exercise now, but it is slow going, and I’m mad that I can’t do the things that I could do with no problem just a few months ago. At any rate, I’m trying. I’m on another Whole Life Challenge, but I’m having a hard time investing in it this go-round. Everyone goes through times like these. So, my big goal is just to prevent major backsliding. Damage control.

Baked Apples


1 fresh large apple, peeled and sliced

ground cinnamon to taste

1 tbsp healthy fat (coconut oil or real grass-fed butter)


Place peeled and sliced apple (I used an organic Honeycrisp apple) into a small ramekin. Sprinkle with cinnamon to taste. Add about a tablespoon of healthy fat to the top.


Place in 400 degree oven and bake for 30 minutes. That’s it!



One thought on “What Happened and What’s Going On (and Baked Apples)

  1. Michelle Mathis says:

    Sorry to hear about what happened. Keep up the awesomeness and thanks for the recipe!

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