WLC Day 1: Paleo Breakfast Sausage, Handling Restaurants


May 4, 2014 by Lauren Grider

Whole Life Challenge #2, Day 1


So, here I am for another round of the Whole Life Challenge. I was pretty damn successful last time. Last week I was having some serious sadness about giving up goat cheese again, but after the first day, I feel better already.

Yesterday I got up and headed to Crossfit Impulse for my baseline WOD. With an 11 minute clock, row 1000 meters, then perform 75 air squats, 50 sit-ups, 25 push-ups, and burpees until time expires. Score is total number of air squats + sit-ups + push-ups + burpees: 139. I went with this workout because it’s the one I did last time and it’s easy to compare. In my first WLC, my starting baseline workout score was 115, and I improved it to 134 by the end. So, apparently I made 5 reps of improvement during the past several weeks between challenges!

For breakfast, I first had a small meal of apple and almond butter sandwiches.


Then, I made some paleo breakfast sausage (see below) and ate it with some mashed sweet potato. I had some more sausage along with some fresh watermelon near midday. I had an early dinner out with friends. I had planned ahead for my restaurant trip: a small filet with broccoli and a spinach salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. However, the restaurant couldn’t seat us, so we had to make a last minute change to an upscale mexican restaurant nearby. So, I had to get my plan together ASAP, because if I don’t have a plan, I tend to indulge. I ordered guacamole, which is made right at the table, so I could closely supervise the ingredients. I ordered it as soon as we sat down so I would have something besides chips to keep me busy (I eat guacamole with a spoon). For dinner, I had the fajita beef with pico and the guacamole. It was served with some fajita onions and peppers, so I had some of those too. I was hungry once I got home, so I ate some cinnamon roasted pecans and another piece of paleo sausage.

Paleo Breakfast Sausage

1 lb ground pork
1 tablespoon fennel seeds
1 tablespoon dried minced onion
1 teaspoon house seasoning
1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
sea salt to taste (reserved)

Combine the pork, fennel seeds, minced onion, house seasoning and crushed red pepper flakes in a mixing bowl and mix well using hands.


Form the mixture into approximately 16 (1 ounce each) patties. Cook in a skillet over medium heat until brown and cooked through.


Remove from heat and allow to rest a few minutes at room temperature before serving. Sprinkle lightly with sea salt to taste.


Here it is with some sweet potato mash and apple slices.




One thought on “WLC Day 1: Paleo Breakfast Sausage, Handling Restaurants

  1. […] 2 lb ground sausage – Ensure your sausage has a clean label. I used the hot Italian sausage from Earth Fare, which is house-made. If your local grocery store doesn’t have one with a clean label, never fear! You can make your own easily. […]

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