WLC Days 37-46: Bacon Wrapped Filet and Strawberry Pecan Salad


February 26, 2014 by Lauren Grider

I took a brief hiatus from posting because I was having some doubts about maintaining my blog. Why should I have a blog about food and healthy eating when I clearly don’t have a good handle on these things? I’ve since come to the decision that it doesn’t matter – keeping the blog is good for me, and it if inspires or helps other people along the way, that’s great.

So, here I am with another meal idea. But, before I move forward, there are a couple of important points I want to address. It has recently been brought to my attention that the serving sizes depicted on my blog appear to be very small. The truth is, some are small. Sometimes I eat seconds. Sometimes I don’t have seconds because I am going through a restrictive eating phase. No, this is not good for me. Yes, I am trying to work through it. One of the hallmarks of overeating disorders that the general public doesn’t understand is the cycle of overeating and restriction and/or purging. I go through a phase of overeating, or even sometimes just have an unplanned treat, then I begin a phase of significantly restricting my food intake. Some people are bulimic- I’m not, but I do inappropriately use exercise in an attempt to “burn off” everything when I’ve overeaten. Nope, that’s not normal. Common? Yes. Normal and healthy? No.

Eating a clean, grain-free, low-carb diet is the best way for me to avoid overeating. I then have absolutely no desire to overeat those foods and have to make myself eat enough to support my Crossfit and Zumba schedule. When I become too lax with my eating, for example from October through December (think Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) of this past year, I steadily gain weight even if I don’t overeat, but I remain constantly hungry. Eventually I give in to the constant hunger and eat until I’m full. And then I really suffer. One thing that the Whole Life Challenge has given me is freedom from grains. Initially I was hesitant to give up wheat and corn completely, but you know what? It’s not very difficult. I truly do not crave corn or rice or pasta now that I haven’t had those things in a while. Baked goods made with white flour? Oh yeah, I’ll always have an inappropriate love for those. If you have a trick to not constantly thinking about cookies, please let me know.

A lot of people will say, hey, that’s not abnormal, I can eat a bag of cookies (or fill in the blank) at one time too, you can’t deprive yourself, I don’t think you really have a problem. This reminds me of Sandra Bullock’s character in 28 Days when she initially insists that she doesn’t have a problem with alcohol and drugs. Then, she winds up falling out of a tree and breaking her leg while attempting to reach some pills she had thrown out the window. People will also say, so you’re never going to eat flour again? *scoffing* Never a cookie, no cake or pie? Do you really think that’s realistic? The answer is, I just don’t know. I don’t know whether I’m one of those overeaters who can tolerate an occasional planned splurge without going off the deep end or whether I’m one of the unfortunate majority who just can’t.

Anyway, I was thinking about all of these things on Saturday when I was driving in the 70 degree weather with the sunroof down, blasting Zumba by Don Omar. Life’s too short to constantly worry that you aren’t good enough.

Bacon Wrapped Filet with Strawberry Pecan Salad

one 4-6 oz filet per serving
bacon (highest quality possible, no sugar and no preservatives, or substitute pork belly slices)
salt and pepper to taste
1 tsp grass fed butter per serving

1 large handful spinach per serving (~1 cup each)
5 large sliced strawberries per serving
1 tablespoon of pecan slices per serving
equal parts high quality extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar


Season the steaks with salt and pepper on both sides to taste. Wrap with bacon and secure with cut toothpicks. Grill or cook in cast iron pan, searing on both sides over high heat before finishing over low heat until desired doneness is reached. In the final minutes of cooking, place a small amount of grass fed butter on each steak.


For each salad, top spinach with strawberries and pecans. Drizzle with equal parts olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


Bam, easy. Apparently I ran this meal back 109 yards.




One thought on “WLC Days 37-46: Bacon Wrapped Filet and Strawberry Pecan Salad

  1. Susan Villaume says:

    Love you!!

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