WLC Days 26-30: Caution, New Challenges Ahead. Bitten by the Injury Bug.

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February 10, 2014 by Lauren Grider

I actually had a fantastic end of the week and weekend. Initially.

Thursday was a record-breaking attendance for 8 PM Zumba, and we rocked it out. On Saturday, I had a great WOD at Crossfit Impulse: Isabel (30 power snatch) then Grace (30 power clean and jerk), partner WOD. Partners required to use the same weight and same bar. We finished in 3:57 @ 55lb, split 50/50. Then, I taught Zumba, and everyone was having such a good time that we went a half hour over.

On Sunday, I broke my ankle. I was at Crossfit, but we were playing dodge ball for Sunday Funday. I was not actually injured while doing anything remotely Crossfit-like. Not a squat, not a box jump, not a rope climb, or any of the other exercises that non-Crossfitters warn me about daily. I was injured while running backward away from a child who was trying to tag me out, because I didn’t want to beam her with the ball I was holding. I’m not an asshole. Down I went. Crack went my ankle. Having been through this twice previously, I knew it was bad right away. Those of us with a history of ankle issues just know. I went home, iced, and when the swelling and pain kept increasing, I swallowed my pride and asked Jason to take me to the ER.

This is a new one for me: a lateral malleolus avulsion fracture. I’ve only dealt with high ankle sprains before. The ER doc put me in a boot and told me to rest. I have an ortho appointment tomorrow. It’s looking like I’ll be in some type of device for a month.

I am trying very hard not to be devastated. It has been 24 hours, and I miss my sports. How will I make it until the boot comes off? I am so worried I will lose all the strength I’ve built, and my conditioning is going to suffer big time. I know that my eating has to be squeaky clean and precise. I cannot afford to get depressed and gain weight, especially with this sort of injury.

So, keep calm and carry on is my goal. Christina from Crossfit Impulse is going to program special WODs for me. I have no Zumba replacement ideas so far.



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