I’m Not “Curvy”; I’m Fat: How I Got Over My Fear of the F-word

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February 2, 2014 by Lauren Grider

This is exactly what it feels like to live day-to-day as an overweight woman. This blogger knows it because she has lived it.
I do all sorts of things to help myself lose weight- paleo/low carb, Zumba, Crossfit- but, I’m not doing those things to be skinny. I’m doing those things to be fit and as healthy as possible. I will never be a skinny person. It’s just not possible. In high school, I danced and played basketball for hours every day, and I starved myself until my hip bones protruded, but even then I was only able to get into a size 10. I was harassed at school because of my weight. I was captain of both the dance team and the basketball team, and I was harassed because of my weight!
I, too, have had my intelligence and capabilities discounted because I’m fat. I’ve had people see me in the hallway before a Zumba class, whisper, “that’s the teacher?” and leave without even giving me a chance, because of my size. If they hung around or asked, they would learn that I have lost a ton of weight and inspired many others along the way. Oh, and I can really move! When I went to get certified to teach Zumba, an all day event, I remember being terrified because I had to pack my own lunch, and I was worried that people would see me eating and say, well, there you see why she’s fat. Would they judge the choices I’d placed in my brown paper bag?
I’ve seen people come into Crossfit and sneer, judging me before they see what I can do.
There’s no reason for this reaction. Fat really isn’t the worst thing a person can be.


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