Day 6: No Sexy Food Today, But Back To Work I Go! Or, The Importance of Planning Ahead.

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January 18, 2014 by Lauren Grider


I got up yesterday morning and had a leftover lettuce wrap burger. Yum! I was messing around with mixing some Zumba music when I got the call- the new building had passed inspection (finally), so we were moving into the clinic ASAP and opening in the morning! I hopped in the car and didn’t look back. But, in the early evening I started feeling faint. What was going on? Oh yeah! I had only eaten 4 oz of ground beef and a piece of lettuce ALL DAY. I had a Lara Bar with me, so I stuffed that down. My husband brought me a jar of olives, and I ate them all. I had to rush home and get ready for Zumba. 1 hour of high intensity Latin dance later, I was sooo wiped out. Surveying the limited protein options in my fridge (I had eaten all the rest previously), I settled on eggs. So, I made scrambled eggs for dinner last night, and then I hit the sack. So, no cute food pictures for today. I doubt I could make scrambled eggs look good in a photo anyway- too shiny.
Lesson 1: Must prepare protein snacks to take to work with me.
Lesson 2: Stay on eating schedule!


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