WLC Day 3: Mashed Cauliflower, Steamed Mushrooms, and Roasted Asparagus

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January 14, 2014 by Lauren Grider

Day 3 was alright. I struggled with my workout a little bit, which I hear is normal at this point. And I was craving veggies, so here are some delicious options. As a result, I think I went a little overboard on the veggies and didn’t eat enough protein. New strategy: eat protein on plate first so that I don’t fill up on delicious carbs.

Yesterday I woke up early and went to the clinic, where things are still progressing slowly. I have to wait at least 30 mins to an hour after taking my thyroid medication in the morning before eating, so I didn’t have time to eat breakfast before going, but I packed everything I needed and took it with me. Once there, I heated up some butternut squash soup and ate that. I spent the morning at Home Depot doing clinic shopping. I had to eat lunch out because of a meeting at 1 PM, so we stopped at a Vietnamese restaurant and I ordered WLC compliant chicken pho without noodles. The servers were very nice about it.

In the evening, I headed to Crossfit Impulse. WOD: Continuous running clock. 12 minutes to run 800 meters, then perform 40 ring rows and rest until time expires. Then, 10 minutes to run 800 meters, then perform 30 ring push-ups (scaled to 30 incline hand-release push-ups) and rest until time expires. Then, 4 minutes to run 400 meters, then perform as many max effort pull-ups as possible (scaled to banded pull-ups). Then, 2 minutes to run 150 meters, then perform as many max effort handstand push-ups as possible (scaled to shoulder stands). Score is number of ME pull-ups performed and number of HSPUs performed (or time shoulder stand held). My score: 10 + 50 seconds.

Mashed Cauliflower

1/2 head of cauliflower
2 cloves garlic
2 pieces of bacon
1 scallion
salt to taste
butter to taste (or other fat, depending on what version of Paleo you follow)

First, I think everyone needs to know up front that mashed cauliflower tastes in no way like mashed potatoes. If you approach cauliflower with a potato mentality, you are going to think, damn, these are the worst mashed potatoes ever. If you approach mashed cauliflower appropriately, you are going to think, damn, this is the best mashed cauliflower ever!

Onward. Establish some way to steam the cauliflower. I use a pot and a steamer basket. Fill 1/2 the pot with water and place the steamer basket inside. Put on high heat until boiling. Meanwhile, wash and chop the cauliflower.



Also chop the garlic cloves. Then throw the cauliflower and garlic into the steamer basket. Add salt to taste. I used about 2 tsp.


While the cauliflower and garlic are steaming, cook a couple of pieces of bacon. Also, slice a scallion while you wait.


I cooked more than 2 pieces because I wanted to eat the rest. Slice the 2 pieces of bacon and set aside. Once garlic and cauliflower are soft, remove from heat and drain.


Place the drained cauliflower and garlic back into the pot and mash. You could also use a food processor, but I don’t have one.


Mix in butter (or other fat) and adjust taste with salt if needed. Add bacon and scallions, and stir.


Steamed Mushrooms

fresh mushrooms, washed
House Seasoning to taste
2 tbsp of fat (coconut oil, bacon fat, etc.)

Heat the fat in a skillet, then add mushrooms. I just threw the mushrooms back into the skillet I used to cook the bacon (see above). Season with House Seasoning to taste. Cover and cook on low until mushrooms become tender.



Roasted Asparagus

1 tsp coconut oil (or preferred healthy fat)
House Seasoning to taste

This one is super easy. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Remove tough stems from asparagus. Melt coconut oil in a small bowl. Add asparagus and House Seasoning, and mix well. Spread out on baking pan and roast until soft.


And here is the finished product: grilled spiced chicken with mashed cauliflower, steamed mushrooms, roasted asparagus, and some baked sweet potato.



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