Positive Review: Buffalo Chicken Strips


February 10, 2013 by Lauren Grider

Sometimes you just need some good ol’ buffalo chicken strips. They are perfect for game days or quick dinners. Who doesn’t like finger-foods that can be dipped into sauces? No one. This is one of my husband’s favorite meals. They remind us of the Tassie’s buffalo chicken strips that Outback Steakhouse used to have on the appetizer menu, which were so delicious that they inspired this Facebook page aimed at hastening their return.

The recipe is from Weight Watchers and is linked below. I do make a few changes to tailor the recipe to the way I like to cook: I use butter rather than margarine for these reasons. I use olive oil from my olive oil sprayer rather than cooking spray. I have had great success using either Tabasco hot sauce or Sriracha sauce. Hubby hates blue cheese, so I often serve this with homemade ranch dressing. This recipe pairs well with Boar’s Head blue cheese crumbles or Maytag blue cheese. The butter, olive oil and dressing and/or cheese alter the Points Plus values, so calculate what you are eating!

Weight Watchers Buffalo Chicken Fingers

I often serve them with roasted baby potatoes and a salad.


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