Prepare and Store Homemade Seasoning Mixes to Save Time and Money

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January 26, 2013 by Lauren Grider


After reading a post or two here, you might be wondering, what is the deal with the House and Essence seasonings? Fair question. This is a time-saving strategy. In short, you can take any dry spice mixture that you love, make a lot of it, and store it in an airtight plastic container in your pantry for use on demand. The House and Essence seasonings just happen to be my favorites.

I became familiar with the Essence recipe when making Emeril’s London broil. I first used the House Seasoning while making Paula’s standing rib roast. Both seasonings had to be mixed in fairly large amounts, so there were leftovers. In each case, I stored the leftovers in a small plastic container and kept them in my pantry. Over time, I realized that both are fantastic to keep around all year long. I use the House Seasoning anytime a recipe calls for salt and pepper. I use the Essence seasoning for seafood, roasted potatoes, steak- the opportunities are endless. And rather than taking the time to measure individual small quantities of various spices, I can just grab and go, which is perfect for those nights when I have to move quickly.



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